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Weiyi Industries was founded in 2007, gathers ore mining, production and international trade as a whole, is committed to providing global customers with quality products and perfect fit services. The company has formed titanium dioxide, barium sulfate and iron oxide pigments series of the three main pillars of products, titanium dioxide series adopt high quality imported and domestic titanium production, product stability, performance, in addition to pigment grade, the company also introduced the pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade features such as high-purity electronic grade titanium dioxide.
2009 Granville one hundred million Pigments established to ferrous sulfate byproduct of titanium dioxide as raw iron oxide pigments, has formed annual production of 50,000 tons / year of iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide blue , iron oxide brown, orange iron oxide, iron oxide green, iron oxide, etc., and fine quality of products was close to imported products, widely used in paints, plastics and building materials.
2010, the company in Guizhou, Hunan, Chongqing purchased barite ore mining rights, while the introduction of a series of imported high-tech equipment carried on barium sulfate powder processing, manufacturing ultra-fine barium sulfate, barium sulfate precipitation and ultra-fine super modified fine precipitated barium sulfate, with annual output of 10,000 tons of pre-scale, post-breakdown products will continue to improve the diversity and functionality, the company has passed ISO: 9001 quality system certification. After the adoption of the EU REACH pre-registration certification, product smoothly into Europe, America, Australia, South America and Southeast Asian countries.
With the accelerated pace of globalization, Wei billion industry employees are looking forward to sincere cooperation with our customers, we work together to create a new life!